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Bertland increases stake in Beijer Ref

Per Bertland

SWEDEN: Recent share trading has altered the balance of power at Europe’s leading refrigeration wholesaler Beijer Ref.

One of the principal shareholders, Peter Jessen Jürgensen, has disposed of all of his 1,618,400 B shares and 334,632 A shares, in total equivalent to 6.9% of the votes and 4.6% of the capital.

The majority of the A shares (200,144) were purchased by current president and CEO Per Bertland, giving him 11% of the voting rights. To part-fund the acquisition, Per Bertland disposed of 127,000 B shares. Board chairman Bernt Ingman purchased 40,000 A shares and fellow board member Joen Magnusson bought the remaining 94,488 A shares. 

Sweden’s national pension fund Fjärde AP-fonden (AP4) also increased its stockholding by acquiring 1,745,000 B shares.

Current stockholding

“For a very long time, Peter Jessen Jürgensen was a leading shareholder in Beijer Ref and has significantly contributed to the company’s successful development,” said company chairman Bernt Ingman. “The change in ownership that has now taken place guarantees the continuity and the continued taking of responsibility by the three individuals who, with great merit, have left their mark on the company over many years.”

He also saw the increased stake by AP4 as very positive. “As a result, we are getting yet another responsible long-term shareholder in Beijer Ref. It enables us to focus on further developing and growing our business,” he said.

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