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Bitzer adds QR codes to beat the pirates

Bitzer-QR-code-2GERMANY: Bitzer has confirmed it is adding QR codes to all its compressors in a bid to beat product piracy.

As first revealed by the Cooling Post, the German compressor manufacturer is now using QR codes, allowing customers to use a simple standard smartphone app to verify the authenticity of each Bitzer product. The QR code directs customers to the company’s web site to confirm the compressor is original by matching the serial number and compressor name.

“We’ve developed an extensive concept to take action against product piracy,” emphasised Bitzer chief technology officer Rainer Große-Kracht. The company now protects all of its new developments with patents and registered designs. Bitzer also ensures its entire production chain, from the suppliers to the sales partners. “Anyone caught working with counterfeiters is disqualified as our partner,” said Große-Kracht.

Bitzer maintains that most buyers can’t tell at first glance that they have purchased an imitation but insist that the counterfeits, as well as economically damaging the industry, they can also be dangerous.

Bitzer says its QR code is also a form of added value, offering customers direct access to its online product information, manuals and operating instructions, electrical supply, oil charge and dimensions, as well as information about spare parts and application recommendations. The scanned compressor can also be opened directly in the selection software.

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