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Bitzer marks 30 years in South Korea

Bitzer’s Gianni Parlanti (left) marks the 30-year relationship with a special presentation to Keun Ok You

GERMANY: Refrigeration compressor manufacturer Bitzer recently marked 30 years of working with its South Korean sales partner Samyoung Machinery.

The landmark was celebrated with an event at the Schauwerk Museum – the museum for contemporary art established by Bitzer’s late owner and CEO Peter Schaufler in Sindelfingen.

Samyoung representative Keun Ok You met with many of his colleagues from the last few decades, including Bitzer’s chief sales and marketing officer Gianni Parlanti.

He acknowledged Samyoung’s exceptional commitment and emphasised the unique level of trust between the two companies: “Over the past 30 years, we have successfully shaped and advanced the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in South Korea together. I myself spent eight years in Asia as managing director of Bitzer Refrigeration Asia. And during that time, I was able to see for myself just how much dedication and expertise Samyoung contributes to Bitzer. We have been acquainted for decades now and have developed a deep understanding for each other – the ideal foundation for ensuring continued success in the future.”

Samyoung is said to have reported the largest increases in sales of all Bitzer partners worldwide for years, and twice named winner of the Bitzer Distributor of the Year award in 2004 and 2009. The 72,000 Bitzer compressors sold in South Korea through Samyoung, includes around 8,000 compressors – many of which were 4PF/4PFC reciprocating compressors – sold in 1995 alone, the company’s most successful year to date.

Samyoung’s success paved the way for the establishment of Bitzer Korea in 2007, with the two companies working even more closely together ever since. Between 2007 and 2016, Bitzer more than doubled its sales in South Korea from €8m to €18m. Samyoung’s sales increased from €2.2m to €6.1m in the same period.

Jürgen Riesch, now retired, but who, as head of technical sales international, first initiated the collaboration, commented: “Samyoung and Bitzer’s business relationship proved to be a stroke of luck for both companies.”

Samyoung Machinery Co was established in 1977 and is one of the leading refrigeration and air conditioning manufacturers and distributors in Korea.

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