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Bitzer signs ship-board CO2 deal

Bitzer’s Mathias Layher with Fassmer MD Holger Fassmer

GERMANY: Compressor manufacturer Bitzer has signed an initial five-year agreement with German shipbuilder Fassmer to develop CO2 refrigeration for ships. 

With a focus on both shipbuilding and refrigeration technology, the collaboration will also look at organic Rankine cycle systems to make use of waste heat. Bitzer says the agreement focuses in particular on further developing ships and refrigeration systems with the lowest GWP and emissions possible, taking into account applicable safety and environmental regulations as well as cost efficiency.

Fassmer designs and builds special vessels and is a global market leader in the construction of lifeboats and tenders. The company’s portfolio also includes the product ranges of system construction, wind power and fibre composite technology. 

Indicating that there’s a wide range of opportunities for partnering with Fassmer, Mathias Layher, Bitzer’s director sales AC, marine and process said: “Fassmer and Bitzer pursue the same interests, which we’re now bundling for the purpose of developing eco-friendly solutions together for all kinds of refrigeration systems in shipbuilding.”

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