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Bitzer updates Refrigerant Report

Bitzer-refrig-report-18GERMANY: The latest updated version of Bitzer’s Refrigerant Report is now available for download from the compressor manufacturer’s website.

This ever-expanding publication, now in its 18th edition and running to 44 pages, provides in-depth information on current refrigerants, the alternatives and most of the up-coming development blends. Importantly, it provides the crucial compressor manufacturer’s view of the efficacy of many of the proposed alternatives.

Much has changed since the first edition in the early 90s when a much slimmer volume was merely required to cover the transition from CFCs 11, 12 and 502 to the likes of R22, R134a and, later on, R407C and R410A. Now the properties and characteristics are provided for around 40 refrigerants.

Perversely, the report lists slightly less refrigerants than the previous edition; the R22-containing R502 replacement blends R402A, R402B and R408A have been dropped and the low GWP R404A/R507A replacements R448A and R449A added. Although, apart from listing their properties, Bitzer has made no other comment on the performance of these latter two refrigerants yet.

A copy of the latest report A-501-18 can be downloaded here.

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