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Blygold completes one millionth coil treatment

SellafieldUK: Anti-corrosion coating specialist Blygold has reached its landmark millionth coil treatment with an installation at the Sellafield nuclear facility in Cumbria, UK.

The millionth Blygold-coated coil since the company was founded nearly 40 years ago was incorporated in one of two condensing units produced by Italian manufacturer Euroklimat.

The nuclear facility, which now specialises in reprocessing nuclear waste from all parts of the world, required the replacement of two ageing R22 units. Contractor MITIE contacted Somerset-based equipment supplier Heronhill Air Conditioning to find replacements.

Nigel Manning

Heronhill md Nigel Manning told the Cooling Post: “MITIE contacted me because they had two old IMI Deltaclima R22 condensing units which needed to be replaced. They were connected to a twin-circuit air handling unit in a computer room.”

Heronhill has a broad knowledge of the former, now no longer available, IMI product range.

“I recommended Euroklimat as they could produce R407C units of very similar specification,” said Nigel Manning.

Because of Sellafield’s position on England’s north west coast, they needed the equipment to withstand this corrosive environment.

Since the formation of the company in 1976, Blygold has focused on corrosion protection for heat exchangers and developed their own specific coatings for this purpose. The applied thin layer, the high UV and chemical resistance properties and the patented application method have lead to the big success of these products.

Special presentations were made to both Euroklimat and Heronhill to mark the production of the landmark millionth coil.

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