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Book updates refrigeration formulae

solved-examplesUSA: An update of the reference book Refrigeration – Solved Examples is now available from the ASHRAE bookshop.

The 280-page book by Risto Ciconkov of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Skopje university provides a summary of useful formulae for practicing engineers.


Designed to serve as a useful supplementary reading to students at various academic levels, lecturers and research workers, the book contains completed and commonly accepted formulae and thermophysical data.

SI units are adopted throughout, but there is a table for conversion between SI and IP units.

This latest edition includes new examples with CO2 refrigerant, and various modifications in order to improve the transcritical cycles. Ejectors as expansion devices are included too; new tables for thermodynamic and physical properties for CO2, propane, R32 and R1234ze(E).

Further details here.

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