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Bristol to develop nextgen motors

USA: Bristol Compressors has signed a partnership deal to develop next generation high efficiency air conditioning and refrigeration compressor motors.

The deal with DHX Electric Machines is described as an exclusive global strategic partnership. The two companies will develop ultra-high torque density electric motors with patented micro-feature enhanced Direct Winding Heat Exchanger DwHX cooling system.

The advanced DwHX cooling technology involves placing a heat exchanger directly next to the windings in the stator, thereby dramatically improving the thermal transport within the machine and increasing torque density.

Founded in 2014, DHX Electric Machines is an independent company producing the ultra-high torque density electric machines, which were originally developed at the George W Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech. The DwHX cooling system is said to be capable of removing up to 16 times the heat of conventional cooling systems. As a result, the DHX cooling system provides a 4 times increase in torque per volume that allows DHX electric motors to produce the same torque in 75% of the space of the conventional motor.

Bristol says that the DwHX technology will allow it to develop compressors that are shorter in height and lighter in weight, and with “best in class” efficiencies.

“Our customers and their system designers will now have more space design options with improved system efficiency at the lowest applied cost,” said Bristol Compressors’ vice president of product engineering Kevin Mumpower.

“We believe that this new motor technology is poised to significantly improve cost/performance ratio, add system design flexibility, as well as enable short and long-term regulatory system compliance. This will fundamentally change the HVACR industry’s expectations of compressor performance,” added Luka Lojk, Bristol Compressors’ VP sales and marketing.

The technology will be featured on the Bristol Compressors and DHX Electric Motors stand at the AHR Expo in Chicago from January 22-24.

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