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Carel restructure to improve customer service

Carel’s new departmental group heads: Riccardo Bianchi (left) and Andrea Braggion

ITALY: Refrigeration controls and humidification company Carel has established a new after-sales and service department combining its customer solutions, after-sales, service sales and marketing teams. 

Established with the objective of improving its customer service, the new organisational unit will be headed by Riccardo Bianchi, group head of after-sales and service. 

“The primary objective of this organisational unit is to pursue one of the CAREL Group’s main development strategies, strengthening its focus on after-sales and service, areas where the company sees important opportunities for growth,” commented group MD Giandomenico Lombello. “We are confident that After-Sales & Service will help us further improve our customer service.”

Since November, a new organisational structure called Group Supply Chain has also been active at Carel, headed by Andrea Braggion, Carel’s group head of supply chain, whose role is to coordinate purchasing and logistics across the group.

“With this new structure, we intend ensure close coordination between our different plants globally,”  said group chief operations officer Pietro Rossato. “The purpose of the Group Supply Chain area is also to guarantee greater integration between purchasing and logistics, so as to optimise the management of material flows and control of related costs.”

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