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Carel valves compatible with HFOs


ITALY: Carel has confirmed the compatibility of its valves for operation with the new HFO refrigerants R1234yf and R1234ze.

The validation tests conducted by refrigerant manufacturer Honeywell are said to have shown that all of the mechanical components of Carel valves are fully chemically compatible, and the crucial sealing mechanisms obtained excellent results in terms of dimensional stability.

“The positive results obtained in the compatibility tests confirm the value of the work we have done and underline the accuracy of the research we have conducted into high-efficiency solutions,” stated Giovanni Righetto, Carel’s product manager EEV and drivers.

“Valves are one of the sectors we are investing most in with regard to exploring and developing new technologies aimed at reducing the energy consumption of refrigerating systems and limiting CO2 emissions,” he added.

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