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Carrier adopts lower GWP refrigerant R515B

EUROPE: Carrier has become one of the first manufacturers to adopt the lower GWP A1 refrigerant R515B in its water-cooled chillers and heat pumps.

The refrigerant, introduced by Honeywell last year as Solstice N15, is now offered in Carrier’s AquaForce 30XW(H)PZE and 30XW(H)VZE water-cooled liquid screw chillers.

Developed as a replacement for R134a in new medium temperature commercial refrigeration, chillers and heat pumps, R515B is an A1, non-flammable refrigerant blend with a GWP of just 293 under AR4. It is a blend of R1234ze (91.1%) and R227ea (8.9%), is said to have zero glide and combines low discharge temperatures with an efficiency to match R134a. 

In addition, it is said that chillers and heat pumps operating on R515B will be capable of being retrofitted to operate on the ultra-low GWP refrigerant R-1234ze in the future.

“After detailed evaluation of the options, we believe R515B offers customers clear advantages over alternatives,” said Quentin Garcia San Mateo, product manager for screw chillers, Carrier Europe. “With its A1 safety classification, we believe it will prove to be a popular long-term choice for indoor installations.”

AquaForce 30XW(H)PZE fixed speed chillers are available in nominal cooling capacities from 275 to 1,100kW and use a variable capacity valve to match cooling capacity to load. AquaForce 30XW(H)VZE units are available in nominal cooling capacities from 450 to 1,300 kW and use a variable speed drive to precisely match output to load.


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