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Carrier products led to 68Mt GHG saving

UK: Carrier estimates that its introduction of more energy efficient technologies and lower GWP refrigerants has led to the avoidance of 68 million tonnes of GHG emissions in 2020.

The US air conditioning, commercial refrigeration and transport refrigeration product manufacturer also claims to have it has have reduced its own greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in absolute terms by over 78,000 tonnes compared to its 2015 baseline.

The figures are contained in its Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) report published today.

Carrier has pledged, where technically feasible, to employ “natural” or very low GWP refrigerant solutions (<150), and to deliver the right refrigerant for each application, depending on specific country or regional requirements.

It says it will also continue to evaluate options to expand its offering of ultra-low GWP solutions of below 30.

Carrier is using R1233zd(E), with its GWP of less than 1, on its centrifugal chillers used in HVAC globally and R1234ze(E) in screw chillers in Europe. HFO/HFC refrigerant blends like R513A are alternative Carrier solutions for selected centrifugal and screw chillers used in North America.

R454B, with a GWP of 466, is Carrier’s primary lower GWP solution to replace R410A in all of its ducted residential and light commercial packaged solutions sold in North America. Meanwhile, R32 has been identified as its preferred lower GWP solution to replace R410A in scroll chillers. 

The “natural” refrigerant CO2 is the choice for transport and commercial refrigeration in applications such as supermarket refrigeration and marine container refrigeration.

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