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Carrier Transicold views a CO2 future

Sainsbury's-Naturaline-CO2USA: Carrier Transicold is looking to build on its work with CO2 by targeting the adoption of this natural refrigerant across its transport refrigeration portfolio.

Despite announcing the availability in Europe of Vector trailer refrigeration and Supra truck refrigeration units running on the lower GWP refrigerant R452A, the company has revealed that it sees this only as an interim replacement for R404A.

Stating the company’s commitment to expanding its natural refrigerant systems for road transport, David Appel, president, Carrier Transicold & Refrigeration Systems, said: “Specifically, we are building on our expertise with the natural refrigerant carbon dioxide, which has a significantly lower global warming potential than current synthetic refrigerants and their alternates.”

Carrier Transicold says it has set its sights on natural refrigerant technology that surpasses current alternatives in terms of reducing environmental impact, voluntarily aligning with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s latest and more stringent refrigerant change listing for other commercial, non-transport refrigeration systems.

ColdWatchHowever, R452A is awaiting required SNAP approval by EPA for use in the United States. If ultimately approved as expected, Carrier see it only as an interim option for US truck and trailer customers seeking what they see as “more environmentally responsible” refrigerants.

“Carrier Transicold’s greater goal for transport refrigeration significantly surpasses the benefits of R-452A,” Appel said. “The natural refrigerant CO2 is cost-effective, readily available worldwide and has a GWP of only 1.”

He went on to describe CO2 as the benchmark for environmental sustainability, “which is what Carrier Transicold continues to relentlessly pursue,” he said.

Carrier has successfully applied CO2 refrigerant in both stationary commercial refrigeration and marine transport applications. Since its introduction in 2004, more than 1,600 supermarkets across Europe have adopted Carrier’s CO2OLtec commercial refrigeration system, which uses CO2 refrigerant. In 2013, Carrier Transicold launched the NaturaLINE unit, the world’s first marine container refrigeration system using CO2 refrigerant.

To help facilitate greater adoption of CO2 as a refrigerant in the United States, Carrier claims to be one of those who successfully petitioned the EPA to approve the low global warming refrigerant for transport refrigeration. The agency now lists CO2 as ‘acceptable’ for new transport refrigeration applications.

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