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Cimco rejects HFCs in ice rink systems

CANADA: Cimco Refrigeration, Canada’s largest industrial refrigeration contractor, has said it will no longer use high-GWP refrigerants, including HFO blends, in its ice rink refrigeration packages. 

Cimco has built thousands of rinks across North America, including the rink at Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto’s pre-eminent leader in sustainable practices for cities, and Oak Park Ice Rink in Stockton, California, which will be the state’s first CO2  ice rink. 

After redesigning its product lineup, Cimco now offers four climate-friendly ice rink refrigeration packages with climate-friendly refrigerants like CO2 and ammonia. These also use heat-recovery technology to help ice rinks further reduce their carbon footprint. 

“Cimco recognises that our industry has a key role to play in eliminating super-polluting refrigerants like hydrofluorocarbons,” said David Malinauskas, president of Cimco. 

The solutions also comply with the new California Air Resources Board regulation for new ice rinks to only use refrigerants with a GWP of less than 150.

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