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Climaveneta subsidiaries in Russia and ME

Climaveneta-iFXITALY: Hvac equipment manufacturer Climaveneta has established subsidiaries in Russia and Dubai to strengthen its international representation.

The adorably-named OOO Climaveneta in Moscow will have responsibility for the Russian and the Euroasian Economic Union countries. Climaveneta Middle East in Dubai and will be responsible for the UAE, as well as the Gulf area.

Both new subsidiaries will operate as business units as well as coordinating an extensive network of distributing partners, dealers and service centres in order to ensure appropriate market coverage and customer support in their areas of responsibility.     

Climaveneta now has nine subsidiaries and 1294 employees around the world. With more than 75% of the company’s 2013 turnover coming from international markets, a direct presence abroad is seen as vital to improve the company’s coverage, interpret the specific needs of foreign markets and supply dedicated solutions.

Maurizio Marchesini, Climaveneta’s managing director, commented: “The completion of these two operations is a further successful step in an expansion strategy we have been pursuing for some time now. Despite current turmoil in these areas, these markets are of great potential with strategic importance for Climaveneta.”

Mauro Montello, corporate sales and marketing director, added: “So far the creation of new subsidiaries has generally been aimed at solidifying a leading presence in already “Climaveneta-dominated” markets.  With Climaveneta Middle East and OOO Climaveneta we felt the conditions were there to make a more aggressive move, directly entering markets that have been traditional strongholds of some of our main competitors. The growth potential for us is huge and we trust our subsidiaries will be game changers in these markets.”

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