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Climaveneta to cool supercomputer

13553593_2ITALY: Climaveneta is to supply 18 water-cooled chillers to the Wuxi Supercomputing Centre in China in a deal worth €2.7m.

The Wuxi Supercomputing Centre, established in 2006 by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology and Wuxi Government, is one of the most advanced high-performance computing platforms worldwide. Ranking among the fastest worldwide, it requires massive cooling at very precise conditions, with utmost reliability.

Climaveneta, has been appointed to supply the 28MW capacity cooling system, delivered by 18 Climaveneta water-cooled chillers equipped with magnetic levitation, oil free VFD compressors, offering ESEERs close to 10. Units are scheduled for delivery in Q2 2015.

These and other technologies adopted, such as free cooling and VPF, will contribute to cutting the entire energy consumption of the data centre by 45%. 

The new addition toWuxi Supercomputing Centre is part of the Chinese Government’s plan to more than double China’s datacentre capacity by 2016, compared with 2013,  with an estimated overall investment of $370bn.

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