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Copeland approval for R22 retrofit

427aUSA: Refrigerant manufacturer Arkema says that its R22 retrofit blend R427A has been approved by Emerson for use with Copeland Discus compressors.

R427A is a simplified retrofit solution for R22 existing direct expansion installations in a large range of applications. It can be used to retrofit low-temperature refrigeration equipment as well as air conditioning installations.

The refrigerant is a 100% HFC blend compatible with polyolester (POE) oil but can tolerate a high residual amount of original oil (mineral or alkylbenzene) in the POE lubricant. Good oil return of up to 10-15% residual oil simplifies the retrofit procedure.

R427A refrigerant is said to be the closest match to R22 in terms of performance, mass flow rates, and operating pressures, over the whole range of temperatures among the R22 retrofit solutions. The refrigerant has a GWP of 2138.

Copeland Discus compressors are some of the most widely used in supermarket refrigeration.

“Emerson’s endorsement is valued within the industry,” said Arkema marketing manager Patti Conlan. “Our customers have found Forane 427A refrigerant to match R22’s capacity and efficiency closely, while reducing compressor discharge temperatures.”

“Securing Copeland approval gives Arkema and our customers further confidence of the capabilities of Forane® 427A refrigerant and the benefits it offers to anyone looking for a long-term retrofit solution,” said Glenn Haun, director of sales for fluorochemicals in North America.

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