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Counterfeiters hit coolant industry

The counterfeit coolant (left) and XSPC's EC6 (right)
The counterfeit coolant (left) and XSPC’s EC6 (right)

UK: It’s not just refrigerant gases being targeted by counterfeiters. A firm supplying coolants for PCs has also been hit.

XSPC, a Manchester-based manufacturer of computer liquid cooling systems, has discovered a fake coolant carrying the XSPC company logo. A Chinese company has been blamed for producing the fake called sold as EC7.

“The original XSPC coolant is called EC6 and we have no plans for a product called EC7,” said the company in a statement. Warning customers to only buy products from authorised resellers, the company added: “Counterfeit products are becoming a bigger issue for us.”

XSPC’s coolants are based on blends of refined vegetable extracts with non-toxic corrosion inhibitors and non-toxic dyes.

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