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Court ruling will “impact innovation”

Honeywell, like its US competitor Chemours, has made huge investments in lower GWP HFC replacements

USA: Honeywell believes that yesterday’s court decision overturning the US EPA’s HFC bans will adversely impact innovation in next-generation technologies.

Maintaining that the EPA’s regulation was well-supported by the law and was in the best interests of the public, industry and the environment, the US refrigerant manufacturer said: “Honeywell is deeply disappointed in the DC Circuit court’s ruling regarding EPA’s Significant New Alternative Policy (SNAP) program because it will adversely impact American innovation, manufacturing and competitiveness in commercializing next-generation technologies that will replace hydrofluorocarbons. 

“We are closely reviewing the decision,” it said, “and are likely to pursue an appeal.”

It urged the EPA to continue pursuing the phase-out of HFCs and the benefits it provides, including strengthening the United States’ position at the forefront of developing next-generation technologies.

Phasing down the use of HFCs is a critical step that the world is taking to encourage the adoption of technologies that radically reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) impact of refrigerants, aerosols, solvents and blowing agents. Because the world will continue to focus on environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technologies, we encourage government and industry to work together to spur US innovation in this growth sector.”

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