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Daikin aims to reduce workers’ stress

JAPAN: Air conditioning manufacturer Daikin is participating in a project looking at the relationship between occupation, work environment and stress in the workplace.

The project will look at how IoT could improve human health management and comfort. Daikin, which has its own vital sensing technology, has combined with fellow Japanese companies Softbank Technology (SBT), a company specialising in secure cloud environments, and financial services company Aoyama Capital.

An IoT device will be attached to the belt of participants working in various workplaces in real time. The device detects minute vibrations of the body with the built-in tube type air pressure sensor, to measure biological information such as physical activity, heart rate, stress levels, sleep cycles, etc.

By gathering and analysing the measured information in the cloud, it is hoped to clarify the correlation between workplace environment and stress levels, and the correlation between stress level at work and depth of sleep.

From the result of this project, Daikin aims to develop an automatic control technology for air conditioning taking into account the degree of stress of workers to create a more comfortable and productive office environment.

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