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Daikin backs 1,000km ride


Daikin-AliveMALTA: Over 50 cyclists will leave Liechtenstein tomorrow on a 1,000km ride to the UK in aid of cancer in Malta.

Emblazoned in Daikin-branded clothing, the Daikin Alive Cycling team will cover the 1,000km in seven days from Liechtenstein to the UK in order to raise money for research and awareness of cancer in Malta.

Daikin became the main sponsor of the Alive event after it was brought to its attention by its Maltese distributor MA&A Services. Alive is the first Maltese charity to back investment in its own national medical research. Since the foundation started in 2013 the charity has collected over €135.000 while cycling for cancer research and awareness.

Over the course of seven days the team will stop in seven countries, including Switzerland, Germany, France and, the penultimate stop, at Daikin’s European headquarters in Ostend.  About 15 cyclists from Daikin’s own cycling team will join the peloton in Gistel, Belgium, to arrive together at the Daikin Europe site.

“We are immensely proud to be part of this prominent cycling event for charity”, says Michael Bynens, Daikin’s sales manager in Malta.

“Sport is very important for Daikin. At our company we do not only have a cycling team, we also have a running team and two soccer teams, including an indoor soccer team,”says Wendy Cappelle, chairman of the Daikin cycling team. “Participating in sport activities or events is therefore only natural for our company. As we represent Europe, once in a while we have a nice opportunity to be part of an international event, such as this one. For our members it is a great way to not only make new contacts, but also to push boundaries.”

Further details of the event and charity can be found on the Alive website.

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