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Daikin extends Loop scheme to R32 chillers

ITALY: Daikin Applied Europe has extended its Loop (L∞P) refrigerant recovery, reclamation and reuse scheme to R32 chillers.

The Loop programme, which aims to create a circular economy of refrigerants, was first launched by Daikin Europe in 2019 and covers all VRV air conditioning units. Following its extendsion to include Daikin Applied Europe’s R134a chillers at the end of last year, it will now also include R32 chillers.

With this latest move, Daikin claims to be the only manufacturer actively promoting and supplying units with reclaimed refrigerants, for a wide range of products, from screw and scroll compressor units to centrifugal compressor machines.

Under the scheme, Daikin recovers refrigerants from existing systems through its installer network and reclaims them to virgin quality meeting AHRI700 standard (purity>99.5%). It then uses a mix of reclaimed and virgin refrigerant to charge its new chillers. 

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