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Daikin launches new R32 unit in Thailand

Daikin-ThailandTHAILAND: Daikin has introduced its Inverter Smart air conditioner with low GWP refrigerant R32 to the Thai market.

Already providing technical assistance to Thai manufacturers in a switch to the new gas from R22 and R410A, the Japanese air conditioning manufacturer first introduced R32 units from its Thai factory in April last year. R22 use will be banned in Thailand starting in 2017, and the Thai government’s policy is to convert from R22 to R32 as a next-generation refrigerant.

This latest inverter unit features Daikin’s Intelligent Eye motion sensor and claims reduction in energy consumption of up to 40%. It is available in sizes from 2.6kW to 9.7kW at a price equivalent to around €750.

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