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Daikin: “R32 alternative some years away”

JAPAN: Daikin has confirmed its intention to research a lower GWP alternative to R32 but says it will likely be some years before it can be commercialised.

Earlier this month, Japanese newspapers reported that president and CEO Masanori Togawa had discussed development work being carried out by Daikin on a new lower GWP A2L refrigerant for use in DX systems. The Japanese newspapers portrayed Mr. Togawa’s comments that the refrigerant would be available in 2023.

In a statement to the Cooling Post, the Japanese air conditioning manufacturer has sought to clarify its intentions.

It confirms that Daikin, along with Panasonic, Toshiba Carrier and Mitsubishi Electric are currently part of a Japanese-government-backed initiative to develop next-generation refrigerants and their application. Daikin’s particular role in the project is to conduct research on an A2L refrigerant for direct expansion air conditioners with a GWP of 10 or less.

“There is no guarantee of success, but results of the four-year research project are expected in March 2023. Its commercialisation and availability in new products, however, will likely be on a much longer time frame,” the company says in its statement.

“Toxicity and flammability tests for standardisation approval would take 2-3 years, then it would take a few years, at least, to develop the new products.

“In many applications and regions, Daikin still believes R32 is a suitable immediate refrigerant, but we will continue our research for even better alternatives in the future,” the statement adds.

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