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Daikin R32 passed for high ambients

Mohammed Helal Al Balooshi, director of marketing & communications at Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council with Ryoji Sano, president of Daikin Middle East and Africa

ABU DHABI: Daikin’s high ambient R32 inverter air conditioner, introduced into the Middle East last year, has received further environmental certification in the region.

In a presentation ceremony this week, Daikin received the Abu Dhabi Quality Conformity Council (QCC) Trustmark for Environmental Performance for its high ambient R32 split air conditioner.

The latest award follows certifications to the UAE’s ESMA standard and Saudi Arabia’s Conformity Assessment Programme.

The Trustmark was acquired by Daikin achieving conformance to Abu Dhabi’s recently introduced Unitary Air Conditioners Certification Scheme. This defines minimum energy performance standards and technical requirements for unitary air conditioners in domestic and commercial buildings in Abu Dhabi.

Congratulating Daikin on receiving the certification, Mohammed Helal Al Balooshi, QCC’s director of marketing and communications, said “QCC is delighted to collaborate with manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of unitary air conditioners to obtain voluntary certification of products that meet our quality, safety and performance specifications. We launched the Unitary Air Conditioners Certification Scheme as part of our priority to promote the use of safe, high quality and energy efficiency air conditioning equipment with zero impact on the ozone layer and minimal power consumption.”

“The unique combination of R32 and inverter technology in the new Daikin air conditioner range offers end-users the opportunity to benefit from class-leading energy efficiencies that can provide up to 40% power savings versus conventional non-inverter systems, with excellent cooling capacity and high indoor climate comfort, while lowering the environmental impact,” said Sana Hamdani, product marketing manager of Daikin Middle East & Africa.

Built in Thailand, Daikin’s high ambient units are said to offer the best nominal and seasonal efficiencies in line with real-life Middle East operating conditions. EERs have been clocked at up to 13.3 (Btu/kWh) in cooling at T1 conditions (35°C) and up to 8.6 at T3 conditions (46°C). This exceeds the most stringent regulations of the region and makes them the most energy efficient air conditioner of their type in the market, Daikin claims.

The Daikin made tropical compressor is said to be capable of operating fully in extreme weather conditions of at least 52°C.

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