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Daikin recalls Japanese cassettes

Daikin cassettes

JAPAN: Daikin has issued a recall in Japan after fears that three models of ceiling cassette air conditioning units could short circuit and cause a fire.

The recall, which also involves some models manufactured for, and sold under, the Panasonic and Hitachi brands only applies to units sold in Japan. The problem involves a potential electrical short circuit within the cassette’s photocatalytic filter element – a high efficiency filter supplied on Japanese manufactured cassettes.

The models affected are Multi Flow, Round Flow and Eco Round Flow cassettes. No indication is given as to how many units might be affected but the recall relates to models manufactured since November 2001.

Customers in Japan are asked to phone the toll-free number 0120-330-696 to arrange a free inspection and repair.

The models affected are

BAEP55B80 units with serial numbers A000101 A001664 ~
BAEP55B160 with serial numbers A000101 A007211 ~

Similar recall notices have been issued by both Panasonic and Hitachi in Japan, whose Daikin-manufactured units are also affected. These are:
Panasonic: CZ-03EFU2, CZ-06EFU2, CZ-03EFUF, CZ-06EFUF
Hitachi: FE-33I8, FE-23I8, FE-23I8S

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