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Daikin works with smart device to improve service

JAPAN: Daikin Industries is to collaborate with Japanese digital technology company Fairy Devices to develop the use of remote work support solutions.

The collaboration will combine Fairy Devices’ expertise in digital technology, such as voice recognition, edge AI, and data analysis, with Daikin’s on-site problem-solving knowledge from its worldwide air conditioning service operations. 

The companies will jointly introduce Thinklet, described as the world’s first smart wearable device with multi-microphone and voice edge AI technology. 

This is not the first time Daikin has been involved with similar technology. In 2017, Daikin in the Netherlands trialled the use of hi-tech smart glasses to assist its service engineers in the field. The new collaboration, however, appears to go much further.

Daikin recognises the importance of service operations such as maintenance and inspection to maintain the performance and quality of its air conditioners. The company’s expansion worldwide, especially in emerging countries, has met a major shortage of field service engineers. Daikin also sees an urgent need to quickly train service engineers around the world to improve the quality of service operations.

The Thinklet incorporates connected voice and video technology

The smart wearable Thinklet device and Fairy Devices platforms, such as APIs and AI, combines with Daikin Industries’ business support web app to provide remote work support solutions. 

The Thinklet is equipped with five microphones, enabling the wearer and, for instance, an instructor to converse even in a noisy environment. It also incorporates high performance voice recognition and a wide-angle 8 million pixel video camera. It is wi-fi and 4G LTE enabled. 

Based on feedback and experience from various air conditioning installations and maintenance work, the two companies intend to build a more practical “connected worker solution”.

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