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Danfoss call for greater cold chain investment

DENMARK: Danish engineering company Danfoss has called for greater investment in cold chain technology to contribute to food security by cutting food loss and waste and to reduce emissions.

In a statement ahead of the Adaption & Agriculture Day at COP27 on November 12, Danfoss insists that investments in sustainable cold chain technology are urgently needed to ensure that we are able to feed the growing number of people on the planet. 

With a growing need for food production and cold chain development comes the risk of greater emissions from energy demand. 

“The crucial role of the cold chain is a global blind spot in climate change mitigation. A growing population will require more food, but we simply aren’t ready to handle that globally today,” commented Danfoss commercial compressors president Kristian Strand.

According to Danfoss, a significant 13% of all food produced globally is lost due to a lack of cold chains, or cold chains that are under-developed and overlooked. 

With technology readily available to cut the energy demand of cooling technology and build sustainable cold chain infrastructures, now the focus must be on action. Investments in energy efficient cold chains will contribute to food security while reducing emissions and energy bills.

“To modernise the cold chain and take food transport to its next evolution we must increase investments for researching cold chain developments around the world. We also must provide financial incentives to ensure that the best available, energy efficient technology is used, and accelerate digital monitoring of cold chain logistics to make decision-making more effective,” said Kristian Strand. “That’s good for the environment and for the businesses involved.”

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