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Danfoss tackles refrigerant confusion

Danfoss-white-paperDENMARK: Danfoss has produced a new document which should help to dispel some of the confusion surrounding existing and new refrigerants, their viability and potential system applications.

In producing the document, Danfoss has managed to distil all the relevant current knowledge regarding new refrigerants, the European F-gas regulation, the Montreal Protocol, worldwide safety standards and more into a concise, 20-page, easily understood format.

As a world leader in the supply of compressors and controls to the air conditioning and refrigerant industry, it is perhaps incumbent upon Danfoss to take a lead in advising and educating the industry. Part of that advisory role is contained in the document, Refrigerant Options Now and in the Future, which is downloadable from the Danfoss website,

Dealing briefly with the history of the technology and the introduction of “safe” man-made refrigerants, the document quickly moves on to look at sustainability and the key issues of the environment, safety and affordability in choosing a new refrigerant and refrigeration system.

The current and likely future regulations and standards around the world are discussed before progressing to look at what refrigerants and types of systems are likely to dominate in specific sectors of the market in future years.

The current and future low GWP refrigerants, their properties and likely acceptability are scrutinised with the explanation carried into a very useful Annex which sets down the latest Montreal Protocol HCFC phase-out timetable, the phase-down under the new F-gas regulations and the implications of the European MAC directive.

Refrigerant Options Now and in the Future, A white paper on the global trends within refrigerants in air conditioning and refrigeration seen from a Danfoss perspective can be downloaded here.


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