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Denmark imposes new restrictions on HFCs

DENMARK: The maximum R410A charge size for split systems in Denmark is being reduced to 2.4kg from the beginning of next month.

The new requirement comes with the removal of Denmark’s current 10kg rule and a move to charge sizes based on CO2 equivalents. According to the Danish association, DKV, the tax on HFCs will also be increased at the same time, by approximately DKK30 per tonne of CO2e.

From July 1, split systems will be limited to a maximum charge of 5 tonnes of CO2e. This is the equivalent of 2.4kg of R410A, 7.4kg of R32 and 3.5kg of R134a.

Factory-assembled, hermetically sealed systems must, as before, are restricted to a maximum charge of 10kg.

The change for heat pumps is a little different. For factory assembled, hermetically sealed plants, the maximum limit remains at 50kg. For split plant, the limit will be 5 tons of CO2 from July 1 just like for refrigeration plants. However, this only applies to heat pumps under 10 kg from January 1 2022.

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