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Dilapidated cold store could be demolished


USA: The dilapidated cold store which had over 4.4 tonnes of ammonia removed by the US EPA could be demolished.

Acoording to the local Cumberland County News, Vineland City officials insist that they will enforce a “notice of unsafe structure” that could lead to the demolition of the troubled South Jersey Ice and Cold Storage building. 


Earlier this year, the US Environmental Protection Agency was called in to protect the surrounding community and workers at the South Jersey Ice and Cold Storage and Vineland Ice and Storage LLC facility in East Pear Street, Vineland, after it was found to be in a dangerous condition.

The Vineland ice house had been operating since 1922, storing ice and other frozen items, including frozen fish. The refrigeration system was reported to be in a very serious state of disrepair and excessive ice and frost had accumulated on the cooling coils. Over 4.4 tonnes of ammonia was subsequently removed at a cost of $500,000.

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