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Discussing compressor modulation

Emerson-seminarUSA: Emerson Climate Technologies will be discussing how modulating technologies are enabling enhanced comfort and improved efficiency in a free webinar.

Part of a webinar series titled Getting Comfortable with Designer Air, Emerson experts will discuss how modulating technologies are enabling enhanced comfort and improved efficiency in homes and businesses in the United States. This free webinar series is designed specifically for air conditioning contractors and facility managers to become more informed on the latest information about compressor modulation and the role it plays in enabling Designer Air.

The first webinar in the series, scheduled for April 7 at 14.00 ET, is Four Things You Need to Know about Modulation Technologies. The webinar will feature Bart Powelson, director of commercial air conditioning marketing, and Ken Monnier, vice-president of air conditioning engineering

“The rollout of new efficiency regulations and increasing consumer preferences for comfort are changing the way we look at hvac systems as a whole,” said Frank Landwehr, vice president of marketing and planning for Emerson’s air conditioning business. “Today, it’s not just about selling efficiency – it’s also about improving the comfort and health of the people living and working in the conditioned space. This webinar is designed to inform contractors and facility managers about the key benefits of various modulation technologies for their applications, and update them on the latest developments in compressor modulation technology.”

Register here for the April 7 webinar.

Emerson’s second webinar in the series will be Modulation Technologies: Designing Great Commercial Atmospheres, scheduled for May 26.

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