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DuPont sells 134a pharma business

INDIA: SRF, a leading Indian manufacture of refrigerants, has bought DuPont’s Dymel HFC134a pharmaceutical propellants business.

The acquisition, which comes ahead of DuPont’s planned fluorochemicals spin-off later this year, will see SRF owning the DuPont Dymel brand, with the company also receiving the technology and know-how for setting up its own manufacturing facility. DuPont will supply SRF with product until SRF’s production facility is approved.

SRF is the only Indian manufacturer of HFC134a and also has the rare distinction of developing the product with indigenous technology.

“DuPont is making this move to enable a stronger focus on developing and commercializing the company’s new family of products,” commented DuPont Fluorochemicals’ global business director, Kathryn K McCord,

Dymel pharmaceutical propellants are used in a number of medical applications including metered-dose inhalers, systemic treatments, topicals and nasal inhalers.

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