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Dutch stake in marine refrigeration firm

TeknothermNETHERLANDS: Heinen & Hopman, a Dutch firm specialising in marine HVACR systems, has acquired a 60% stake in Norwegian refrigeration company Teknotherm Marine.

Established in 1926, Teknotherm is a designer, contractor and manufacturer of high quality refrigeration systems for maritime, offshore and industrial installations.

The deal includes Teknotherm subsidiary companies in China, Poland, Turkey, Sweden and Tromsø, Norway. “We consider Teknotherm a great asset to the Heinen & Hopman Group. It is a supplier of high quality products with a strong brand name in a market where we want to strengthen our position,” said Joep Hopman, CEO of Heinen & Hopman. He especially sees big opportunities for global growth within the offshore and fishing industry.

“Teknotherm as a company and brand has a strong position in the market, and we see a big potential for further growth together with Heinen & Hopman. We would like to grow our global market share and we need a partner like Heinen & Hopman to develop and grow our concept further,” commented Pål Myklebust, chairman and owner of Teknotherm.

The acquisition will not impose any changes to the Teknotherm branding, location, management group or employees.

“Heinen & Hopman has committed to a long-term development of the Teknotherm Group among other factors by securing a 10 years contract for the main office and factory localised in Halden,” said Teknotherm Group’s CEO, Roy Moberg.

Heinen & Hopman is one of the world’s leading suppliers of HVACR systems within the maritime sector for more than 50 years. It has over 30 strategic locations worldwide.

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