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€16m Daikin R&D facility nears completion

ITALY: Daikin Applied Europe is nearing completion of a new €16m R&D facility at its Ariccia manufacturing plant, near Rome.

Daikin Applied Europe, a former McQuay JV company and part of the Japanese manufacturer Daikin Industries since 2006, designs and manufactures chillers, heat pumps, air handling units and components such as compressors and inverter drives.

The new facility will comprise two main areas – an engineering area dedicated to prototyping and a climatic test room. The engineering area will house three test stands for water-to-water units with cooling capacities of 4500kW, 600kW and 300kW. It will also include a wind tunnel for fan testing and a component bench for element testing. 

The climatic test room will be divided into three sections, which will be interconnected by partitions, and will be able to test units with cooling capacities up to 700kW. Tests will be carried out on air-cooled chillers and heat pumps, water-to-water units, four-pipe and free-cooling systems.  

The climatic test room is designed to work with ambient temperatures between -20°C to 52°C, with the option of using outside air as an energy-saving measure for the system.  

In addition to Ariccia, Daikin Applied Europe also operates design and production facilities in Settala, near Milan and Vicenza. It is also present in Frankfurt, Munich and Cramlington, UK. 

In the year to the end of March, Daikin Applied Europe recorded sales of €442m, a 30% increase on the previous year.

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14th June 2024

Daikin polyvalent unit on R513A

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EC seeks feedback on F-gas portal amendments

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Amy Gittoes joins Climalife

UK: Amy Gittoes, the former commercial manager of the now defunct Hereford-based refrigeration company Arctic Circle, has joined Climalife UK.
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ECHA to consider PFAS impacts this year

FINLAND: European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) evaluations of the impact of fluorinated HFC/HFO refrigerants under proposed new European PFAS restrictions are expected to take place in November/December.
13th June 2024

Uzbekistan customs stop R22 equipment

UZBEKISTAN: Customs officers in the Uzbekistan capital Tashkent have stopped the importation of process chilling equipment running on banned ozone-depleting refrigerant R22.
13th June 2024

Varying refrigerant blends boosts HP flexibility

SWITZERLAND: Researchers have found that varying the composition of refrigerant mixtures can enable heat pumps to generate different temperatures from different heat sources, while increasing efficiency by up to 25%.