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Embraco plans 140% expansion

Embraco China
The Embraco Italy factories in Italy (top) and China

BRAZIL: Compressor manufacturer Embraco plans to increase production by 140% next year by investing in its factories in Italy and China.

Production of Embraco Fullmotion compressors in its factory in Torino, Italy, will be dedicated to the European market to meet market demands for increasingly efficient and low environmental impact equipment. There will also be investments to increase production in its factory in Beijing and strengthen the company’s presence in the Asia Pacific region.

Embraco’s variable speed Fullmotion compressors are said to be capable of reducing the energy consumption of refrigerators and freezers by up to 25% compared to conventional on-off technology.

“When we compare technologies used in older refrigerators, up to 10 years old, common in many regions of the planet, Embraco Fullmotion technology brings a 40% gain in energy efficiency,” says  Reinaldo Maykot, vice president of businesses and marketing.

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