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Emerson creates focus for CO2

Emerson-Andre Patenaude - H&S
Andre Patenaude

USA: Emerson Climate Technologies has created a strategic business initiative to focus on carbon dioxide (CO2) refrigeration systems.

Faced with the growing global interest in CO2 refrigeration systems in the supermarket industry,  Emerson Climate has created a strategic initiative to provide the industry and its customers a knowledgeable and global source of information about utilising CO2 as a refrigerant.

With a lack of engineers experienced in working with high pressure refrigerants like CO2, Emerson recognises that widespread implementation of CO2 systems will require much greater rigour and oversight in their design, training and installation.

Leading this initiative is Andre Patenaude, director CO2 business development. He is responsible for developing Emerson’s global CO2 strategy, marketing initiatives, communication/messaging activities, channel training and educational programmes.

Patenaude possesses 30 years of marketing, sales, and technical service experience working directly with end users, contractors, wholesalers and OEMs. He also has significant experience with various refrigeration system architectures, system applications, contractor/installation processes, and component technologies.

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