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Emerson prepares to address EPA bans

HFC banUSA: Compressor manufacturer Emerson Climate Technologies has sympathised with the retail refrigeration industry over US EPA proposals to ban a number of commonly-used refrigerants by 2016.

“While we support a shift toward environmentally friendly, low-GWP refrigerants, we also recognise the pressure it puts on the retail food refrigeration industry because of the compressed timeline proposed,” said Rajan Rajendran, Emerson Climate Technologies’ vice president, engineering services and sustainability.

Recognising that the new policy will have a significant impact on refrigeration equipment and systems, Emerson says it is preparing an industry communication to the Environmental Protection Agency and will work with industry organisations to draft comments to the proposals.

The EPA proposals, if passed, would ban R404A/R507A and R134a in specific new and retrofit applications by January 1, 2016.

Meanwhile, manufacturers like Emerson have been working on alternative technology as high GWP refrigerants come under pressure around the world.

“To help our customers lessen the resource constraints and costs associated with a shift of this magnitude, we have been working to develop products and equipment that will not only comply with this delisting proposal, but also those in the foreseeable future,” said Rajan Rajendran.

Emerson Climate Technologies has developed systems and equipment for alternatives to the potentially banned refrigerants, many of which, it says, are approved and ready for application. The systems and equipment will accommodate R407A, R407F and carbon dioxide, among others.

 Emerson Climate Technologies will host a webinar on August 26 to provide an in-depth look at alternatives to the refrigerants that have the potential to be banned. You can register for this free webinar at

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