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Enex to build new CO2 refrigeration plant

ITALY: Enex Srl is to establish a new €10m, 7,500m2 factory in Breda di Piave, Treviso, in response to strong growth projections for its CO2 refrigeration equipment. 

A near €10m turnover business when acquired by CCC Holdings Europe in 2020, Enex turnover nearly doubled in 2021, is projected to increase nearly 50% this year, and double again by 2025.

The new facility will include factory, office, and meeting space, as well as a 250m2 showroom. It will produce Enex medium- to large-size CO2 refrigeration units. The first production line plans are due to be operational in September, with the plant and all production lines and offices becoming operational during the first half of 2023.

Enex’s current factory, in Paese, will continue to manufacture its range of small refrigeration machines, including mini-boosters and heat pumps. It will also become the site of what Enex describes as “an industry-leading laboratory, the largest of its kind in Europe”, for research, development, and testing of the company’s full range of refrigeration, heating and air conditioning equipment.

“Our new facility will help us to meet the demand created for our high-efficiency, natural refrigerant-based solutions, which are critical to reducing global warming while providing consistent and reliable cooling for essential businesses such as supermarkets, distribution centres and cold food storage facilities,” said Sergio Girotto, CEO and founder of Enex. 

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