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Engie Axima expands in marine market

FRANCE/GERMANY: Engie Axima, the the French refrigeration and climate engineering company, has strengthened its position in the global marine market with the acquisition of Noske Kaeser.

Based in Hamburg, Noske Kaeser is a worldwide supplier of turnkey HVAC and refrigeration for the marine, navy and oil and gas markets.

Noske Kaeser employs 200 people, including 160 in Germany, and had a €40m turnover in 2016. It has subsidiaries in Australia, India, Malaysia and Turkey

According to Philippe Le Berre, MD of the marine and oil and gas department of Engie Axima, the acquisition will consolidate the company’s position in the cruise and ferries, oil and gas and navy markets.

“Thanks to this acquisition, we will also be able to enter new markets such as the offshore wind energy and spread our world coverage in installations as well as in services with two strong bases in France and in Germany,” he added.

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