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Engie transfers CO2 heat pump production to Lindau

GERMANY: Engie Refrigeration is to close its CO2 high-temperature heat pump factory in Ottendorf-Okrilla, Dresden, and transfer production to its head office in Lindau.

Engie Refrigeration acquired the former Dürr Thermea site in July 2018 from the insolvency assets of Hafner-Muschler Kälte- und Klimatechnik. 

“We have been producing chillers in Lindau for customers around the world for many years. Our employees have extensive experience in the production of machines with a high performance range, and will now apply this expertise to the production of our CO2 high-temperature heat pumps,” said Engie Refrigeration CEO Jochen Hornung. 

Engie Refrigeration says the move will create synergies and further increase efficiency in its production and distribution processes. 

The company is said to have plans to further expand its heat pump division at Lindau over the coming years. “We will overhaul the existing thermeco2 heat pumps over the course of 2020 and align them even further with current and future market requirements,” Jochen Hornung revealed. 

The CO2 high-temperature heat pumps are seen as an important component of the company’s product and service portfolio. Being capable of reaching effective temperatures of up to 110ºC they are used in drying technology, and in the provision of heat in communal and industrial heating networks. 

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