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EPA to adopt five flammable refrigerants

13kgpropane_1USA: The EPA is about to publish its final rule allowing five flammable refrigerants to be used in certain refrigeration and air conditioning applications. 

The rule confirms ethane (R170), isobutane (R600a), propane (R290), the hydrocarbon blend R441A and the “mildly flammable” low GWP HFC R32 as acceptable under the USA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Programme.

The initial proposal, first reported on the Cooling Post in June, is now due to be published in the US government’s Federal Register. The rule will become effective 30 days after its publication.

The five refrigerant substitutes will be deemed as acceptable, subject to use conditions, in several refrigeration and air conditioning end-uses, including household refrigerators and freezers, retail food refrigeration, stand-alone equipment, very low temperature refrigeration, non-mechanical heat transfer, vending machines and room air conditioning units.

Their use will be subject UL standards regarding refrigerant charge size limits, and requirements for markings on equipment using these refrigerants. This action also exempts the four hydrocarbon refrigerants from the Clean Air Act Section 608 prohibitions on venting, release, or disposal. HFC32, however, remains prohibited from being knowingly vented or otherwise knowingly released.

The full document can be found here.

EPA proposes approval of hydrocarbons June 27, 2014
USA:  The US Environmental Protection Agency has proposed four hydrocarbon refrigerants be approved for use in six refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Read more…

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