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Epta opens new refrigeration showroom

ITALY: Commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer Epta has unveiled a new showroom in its Italian production plant in Limana.

The 600m² area comprises a main building, which serves as a showcase for the latest products from the company’s Costan, Bonnet Névé, Eurocryor, Misa and Iarp brands, a training centre and test space and a conference hall. It also has an area for the presentation of the most recent technical and technological innovations and Epta Service, the Group’s post-sales services.

Speaking at last week’s official opening, Marco Nocivelli, Epta’s chairman and CEO, said: “With this multi-purpose space we wanted to create an environment that would reflect the identity and values of the company. Our objective is to contribute to transforming Limana into an internationally renowned hub, in which to meet customers and professionals from the sector and discuss the latest technological targets and success stories.”

Epta chairman and CEO Marco Nocivelli performs the opening ceremony with the Mayor of Limana, Milena de Zanet

The Limana facility was also celebrating the production of its 1,500,000 cabinet since its opening in 1972. The factory has received around €10m in the last two years, with the aim of adopting Industry 4.0 technologies and improving the production processes. The new glassware department, which opened in 2016, created 80 new jobs and will enable Epta to achieve a further increase in production capacity by the end of 2018. The plan has already demonstrated a 50% reduction in energy consumption per unit produced.

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