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Eurovent publishes air filter guide

BELGIUM: The Eurovent Association has released a 28-page guide for air handling equipment manufacturers and end-users on correct air filtration.

Air Filters for General Ventilation covers such topics as the importance of filtration, its benefits, relevant standards, design, energy efficiency, applications, assembly, maintenance and disposal.

Specific attention is given to the new global ISO16890 air filter standard as well as the importance of air filters in ensuring a healthy indoor climate.

“Our industry talks a lot about indoor air quality these days, yet, often, without offering any practical solutions,” said Chris Howarth of UK-based Jasun Envirocare, member of the Eurovent air filters product group and lead editor of the new guidebook. “At the Eurovent Association, we have been working on changing this for many years by developing guidelines and standards throughout all ventilation areas.

“With air filters constituting a key factor in ensuring a better indoor air quality, the aim of our new guidebook is to provide users of our products with hands-on information to receive a better understanding of air filtration and what is behind this seemingly simple product.”

The guidebook Air Filters for General Ventilation is available free-of-charge from

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