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Existing equipment not threatened by HFC phase down

USA: AHRI CEO Stephen Yurek has stressed that HFC phase down plans do not prohibit the use of existing equipment, nor do they mandate the purchase of new equipment.

In written testimony to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, AHRI CEO Stephen Yurek explained that the American Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Act (S2754), which seeks to establish a national structure to phase down the production and use of HFCs, will result in more jobs and trade benefits. It would ensure the continued availability of the chemicals for those industries and applications for which no viable alternative is currently available. 

The Aim Act was filed by 16 US senators led by Republican John Kennedy (Lousiana) and Democrat Tom Carper (Delaware) in October. It proposes a 15-year phase down of HFCs, using an allowance allocation and trading programme to gradually limit production and consumption.

Yurek stressed that the phase down structure created by the bill would not affect equipment currently installed in homes and businesses nor HFC availability for current or future necessary applications. “Importantly, the AIM Act does not prohibit the use of existing equipment, which consumers and business owners remain free to use through the equipment’s lifetime, nor does it mandate the purchase of new equipment,” Yurek stated. 

“HFCs also will remain available for servicing and maintenance for decades, due to the 15% tail at the end of the phase down period and from the provisions in the AIM Act that enhance the recovery, recycling, and reclaim of used HFCs,” he added. 

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