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F-gas revision on verge of collapse

12987376_lBRUSSELS: The F-gas revision negotiations could be on the verge of collapse unless compromises can be found between the opposing demands of green groups and industry.

As European decision makers prepare to meet  in tomorrow’s third trilogue meeting, sources report that huge compromises will be required if European decision makers are to reach any sort of agreement.

While discussions between council members and parliament are held “in camera”, sources suggest that negotiators are still a long way from any sort of agreement and a fourth meeting before the end of the year may well be required. If a consensus cannot be reached, next year’s European elections will delay any further discussions for at least a year.

There are said to be a number of major sticking points including the proposed service and maintenance bans, product bans and the degree of severity of the phase-out timetable.

An influential group representing European car manufacturers, the temperature-controlled road transport sector, heating and heat pump equipment interests, vending machine and compressor manufacturers and the air conditioning and refrigeration industry has called upon the decision-makers to ensure a balanced approach towards the new f-gas rules.

The group is calling for an ambitious yet achievable HFC phase-down of HFC consumption being reduced by nearly 80% (expressed in CO2-equivalent) by 2030. The group’s comments can be found on the EPEE website

On Friday a group of 11 environmental groups including Greenpeace, WWF and the Environmental Investigation Agency called on governments to back a faster reduction in the amount of HFCs placed on the market and bans on their use in areas where alternatives are available.

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