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Fan manufacturer moves into turbo compressors

GERMANY: Fan manufacturer EBM-Papst is trialling a new design of oil-less, high speed turbo compressor for a range of applications including air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pumps.

1kW and 2.8kW compressors are already available as prototypes and are also in use in customer applications. 

All components, from the drive motor to the compressor impeller and the newly developed oil-free high-speed bearings, can be configured to suit the specific application. By combining different impeller sizes and blade geometries, the units can be matched to the required mass flow or pressure ratio and the working gases used, such as air or R290.

Designed as a platform solution, individual compressors with outputs from 1kW to 45kW can be quickly assembled and different refrigerants, air and other gas mixtures can be compressed without oil, the company says.

Best known as a manufacturer of motors and fans, EBM-Papst says it wants to use its core competencies in aerodynamics, electric motors and electronics to not only support megatrends such as climate neutrality and digitalisation, but to actively drive them forward. 

“It is from this perspective that the product range and expertise within the company are being further developed,” the company says.

Production of the first small series will start as early as the beginning of 2024. Series production, which is planned from 2026, is aiming for volumes significantly higher than 100,000 units per year.

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