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Firefighter training addresses A2L hazards

USA: Firefighters in the USA can now access an online training course addressing the hazards of new low-GWP flammable refrigerants during firefighting operations.

Over the past few years, UL’s fire research and development team has been involved in an ongoing conversation with AHRI and the fire service that seeks common solutions for both industry and firefighter safety related to flammable refrigerants. 

UL’s fire research and development team proposed a project to AHRI that would comparatively test newer A2L refrigerants with traditional A1 refrigerants in replicated firefighting scenarios.

UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute was brought in to design the tests and to translate the science into strategy. Once complete, UL FSRI continued working with the primary fire service organisations to put the tactical considerations for firefighters into an interactive online training course.

“This project is the first of its kind both nationally and internationally to develop training for next generation refrigerants for the fire service,” said Helen Walter-Terrinoni, AHRI vice president of regulatory affairs.

The course is now available through the UL FSRI Fire Safety Academy, where users can learn more about the hazards posed by refrigerants as well as appropriate mitigation strategies. Armed with this knowledge, standard operating guidelines utilised during fireground operations can be examined and potentially improved to enhance operational effectiveness and reduce the risk to firefighters and building occupants. 

Click here to access the course via the UL FSRI Fire Safety Academy.

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