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Firms unable to carry out leak checks face possible fines

SWEDEN: Refrigeration and air conditioning contractors in Sweden are concerned that they face possible fines for not carrying out mandatory leak checks after being prevented from gaining access to sites. 

SKVP, the Swedish Refrigeration & Heat Pump Association, reports cases of service companies not being able to carry out periodic leak checks due to customers/operators not allowing access to the site during the coronavirus crisis. 

“This risk means that periodic leak checks cannot be performed within the prescribed time with the subsequent risk of being subject to an environmental sanction charge (MSA),” the SKVP reports.

“This is obviously unacceptable,” commented SKVP CEO Per Jonasson. “We have therefore sent a request to the relevant authorities with a request for the possibility of pushing the “time window” for the leakage checks ahead of time and that MSA should not be able to be exhibited under the prevailing circumstances.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has said it will issue guidelines to installers/service companies, operators /plant owners and regulatory authorities on the issue.

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