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Five injured in CO2 refrigerant leak

Gasaustritt_an_Laufacher_Lebensmittemarkt_KopieGERMANY: Five people were slightly injured following a CO2 refrigerant leak at a supermarket in Laufach.

Three people were treated at the scene and two men were taken to hospital after emergency services were called to the incident at the recently refurbished Tegut supermarket on Friday evening.

A local resident reported several loud explosions at the rear area of the supermarket and at the same time the fire alarm was triggered in the store. The store manager and his assistant ran to the externally mounted refrigeration system where a CO2 gas cloud had developed. The two employees, the local resident and two of his neighbours complained of breathing difficulties. The victims were treated at the scene and two were taken to hospital as a precaution.

The supermarket only reopened at the end of February following a major refurbishment which included the installation of the CO2 refrigeration system.

Tegut operates over 300 stores across Germany and signed a contract in 2010 to install CO2 systems in 50 of its stores. The chain was bought by Migros at the beginning of 2013.

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